FleursTouch is an exclusive florist service .

More than simply a floral store, FleursTouch brings the subtlety and sophistication of French floral art to the Raleigh-Durham region. Each of our arrangements are carefully planned to perfectly fit both the occasion and the client.

We work with event and wedding planners or directly with brides to ensure their floral displays are as personal as their choice of perfume.

Not only do we specialize in weddings, we also have developed a complete line of special compositions tailored exclusively for reception areas, lobbies, offices, homes, and restaurants. Their unique design brings beauty to otherwise mundane spaces, bringing joy and beauty to everyday life.

FleursTouch is luxury. We prefer to emphasize the use of royal flowers such as orchids, lilies and callas, whose beauty, majesty, and sensitivity convey a sense of elegance in every setting.

FleursTouch is art. Our unique, one-of-a-kind arrangements combine originality with personalized customization to bring a touch of glamour to any event or space.

FleursTouch is your diamond. Schooled in the ways of European floral design, we create arrangements that go beyond your expectations while working within your budget. Just as the right setting adds sparkle and beauty to a gemstone, our designs will elevate the magnificence of your next event.


We’re proud to say we’re different. Our European roots allow us to offer something that is uniquely special.

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